Shruti Haasan shares throwback pic with Asha Bhosle: I was so nervous to sing in front of the legend


It’s not Thursday, but it’s throwback time for Shruti Haasan. She treated her fans to a childhood picture of herself on social media that captured her with Asha Bhosle in the same frame. The post was initially shared on one of Shruti’s fan clubs and the actress reposted the same on her Instagram page.
In the caption, Shruti recalled how she used to be utterly nervous while singing in front of Asha Bhonsle as a kid.
“Just a picture of @shrutzhaasan singing in her uniform I LOVE THIS PICTURE I even remember this day and being so so nervous to sing in front of the legend herself! Such a beautiful memory – Thank you so much for sharing @asha.bhosle (sic),” the singer-actress
In the black-and-white photo, we see little Shruti singing a song, dressed in a school uniform as the 86-year-old singer gazes at her. A priceless moment, indeed.
For those of you who are unaware, Shruti Haasan made her singing debut at the age of 6 in her father Kamal Haasan’s 1992 film Thevar Magan. Five years later, in 1997 she sang Chupadi Chupadi Chaachi with Aditya Narayan for Kamal’s Bollywood film Chachi 420.
Shruti Haasan is currently a part of a rock band named The Extramentals.
As far as her acting is concerned, Shruti made her television debut in an American show titled Treadstone last year. The actress recently appeared in a short film Devi which starred Kajol in the lead role.
Shruti will now be seen in Telugu films Labam and Krack, both releasing this year.


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