Nevedyam Singh, The Digital Marketing Sensation


Nevedyam Singh, a young boy from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and persuing his bachelor’s degree is proving his worth to the world in the field of social media and digital marketing.

He is already a famous name and leading Youngest Entrepreneur in the world of digital marketing in India and a Google certified digital marketer; He has experience of working with top most companies worldwide. He is earning a huge amount from Instagram and other social media platforms, He’s completely a business-minded, smart person, with a not only smart and rich mind, but looks too!

Here’s What Nevedyam has to say about his work and his success in the digital space:

Q: Did you get any prior

A: Whatever I’m doing today is purely based on my abilities and zeal to do such things because I got no prior mentorship from anyone. But yes, I did watch the inspirational stories of entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Ratan Tata who motivated me to be where I am today.

Q: How did you get success in your work?

A: My only mantra to achieve anything in life is to give the best of quality services to my clients. Being trustworthy is not an easy chore and that’s why it is mandatory to gather all those business ethics and try to make it your best work.

Nevedyam entered that market in the year 2018 with a dream to become a business entrepreneur. He played it very shrewd in the real world of social media management and digital marketing and kept on increasing his followers base, by owning more and more accounts on social media and then expanding their reach, and now, he’s here with he’s own 10M+ followers base, both on Instagram and Facebook!
In a capsule, Nevedyam is a young and very renowned social media influencer, a big brand, who can make anything or anyone go viral in seconds through the boundless platform established by him.

His motto,
”Move in silence,
Only speak when it’s time to say Checkmate”


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