Meet Vikas Ratnu, a 23 years old social media influencer


Today in this golden era of social media where people are going crazy over getting famous and making money but not everyone makes through specially in the case of money. But a Young and Talented guy named Vikas Ratnu from Jodhpur, Rajasthan made his dreams a reality.

At the very age of 18 he started his first online business which was a blog writing website but it failed but he didn’t gave up and started another one and became freelancer and tried hard for 6 months but guess what.. ?? That too failed.

But the dreams burning in his heart didn’t let him turn down, at 20 he started his own YouTube channel in 2017 named “Live Smart” but that too didn’t do well, he was on the verge of giving up but something inside him told him to give a last try and then finally he started his Instagram page “Indian Trolls” and in short span of time it gained huge followers and got him good money and then with that earning he bought another page “Naughtycrap” with 200k followers, now that’s how you use money to make more money 😉

“I was born in a middle class educated family and I’ve always dreamt of making money online and now I m living my dream but it doesn’t stop here as I am looking forward to build a whole social media empire out of it. Motivation is trash, nothing outside of you can make you chase your dreams it’s only the fire within” says Vikas.

Now Vikas runs two successful pages on Instagram and is making audience go crazy with his content. He failed 4 times, if he wanted he could’ve gave up but he didn’t that’s the fire we all must have inside us.


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