Karn Mehta’s film Gidarh Singh is now on Amazon Prime

Karn Mehta's film Gidarh Singh is now on Amazon Prime

Karn Mehta, who made his film debut with the movie Gidarh Singh has already been riding high on the success of the movie and has a reason to celebrate even further.

Karn is excited to inform that the movie is now out on the popular ” Amazon Prime Video ” platform and Karn hopes it will now open doors for it to reach much further in the houses Nationally and Internationally and Karn thanks Amazon for it.

Directed by Vipin Parshar and with an IMBD ating of almost 8, Karn says that it’s a movie that one can sit with their family and enjoy. It is a funny yet interesting tale of a Punjab household and he plays a character of a guy who is like a thug and falls for a lady police officer, he doesn’t reveal anything further than that and says one should watch it to know it all.

We are also attaching the amazon link of the movie –

The movie released last year in November and performed really well especially in the Punjab circle.

He says that the biggest compliment was when one of his friends told him that ” Though I don’t understand Punjabi but the performances were so good that I understood what the actors were trying to communicate ” and of course the subtitles also helped.

Previously Karn has done a show for Disney called Ishaan which was produced by the popular Red Chillies Production and has done several advertisements as well in the past.

In terms of theatre training, Karn has done theatre under Ashok Purang Ji and Nadira Babbar Ji and is very greatful to his mentors.

Karn has also recently done a workshop with the popular Casting Director Mukesh Chhabra in Delhi where he also got a chance to meet popular Punjab singer Jasbir Jassi Ji who also attended the workshop.

Karn is now busy with his future projects and is also working on creating some short films. He says that it’s very important for an actor to keep working on something or the other consistently for their growth.

In the end he signs off by saying, ” Success is not owned but rented  and the rent is due to everyday ” so continue working towards your passion consistently.

We wish Karn Mehta the very best for his future.


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