Google Play rolling out Material Theme account switcher

Google Play rolling out Material Theme account switcher

Last year, the Play Store underwent a full revamp and later gained a dark mode. The latest tweak to help conform the Android app to Google’s latest look is a Material Theme account switcher.

Like Gmail and most other G Suite apps, your profile image now appears at the right of the search bar. Tapping opens the full menu to let you view all accounts signed-in on your device. However, swiping on your avatar is a much faster way to switch.

This new addition to the top field pushes voice search to the left, and that microphone is hidden when you first open the app to make way for the Google Play animation. Meanwhile, the nav drawer is now shorter given the absence of the switcher and is home to another logo.

That navigation prevents the app from being fully Material as settings and account information is only accessible here. The next redesign hopefully moves all these items to the account switcher menu, like in the Home app and Google Maps.

The Google Play Material Theme switcher was first A/B tested last December, but is now rolling out on a handful of our devices. We’ve encountered it with version 19.3 and 19.4 of the Play Store naturally. However, you can manually enable the design element.

With version 19.3/4, visit the Google Play Store’s App info page, go to “Storage & cache,” and tap “Clear storage.” Open the app, but proceed to close it again from the system Recents/multitasking menu. After this double-step, the new account switcher will appear.


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