Art Curator Chandni Gulati Wants her Work to be Famous than her name


Visual Artist Chandni Gulati who is also the founder of Merakii Art House is someone who made the world or art much more recognised and organised.

Her curated exhibitions which have very artistic names like Qurbat, Ankahee, Anubhuti , Rasa, Saga etc have been a great hit among the art community.

She also featured with her brand recently in the India Art Festival held in Mumbai as well.

Her exhibitions are inaugurated and even attended by various celebrities from different walks of like like Himanshu Ashok Malhotra, Sangram Singh to name a few.

Chandni is a extremely talented and humble artist herself and like she says she wants her work to be known we are happy to tag her Instagram handle –

Chandni’s biggest inspiration and role model in life has always been her late grandmother Mrs Neelam Gulati who she fondly calls Badima and she has also been the only private exhibition organiser to get permission to hold a exhibition abroad.

Some of Chandni’s art can be seen in the pictures we are attaching in this article and here’s the website to her art house as a well –

Chandni also has inclination towards poetry and has penned her thoughts on several occasions beautifully,  staying true to the word ” Artist “.

Chandni’s work has been featured on various platforms of art and she is indeed a great multitasker taking her love for art to the next level and even helping many artists in the process.

Chandni is also a true foodie which depicts in her art as well. She is a traditional tea addict too.

When asked about advice for budding artists Chandni said, “Art is a free spirit and can come to any one but not every ‘anyone’ gets the chance to showcase their potential of love for the artist that might be budding inside them”

On a closing note when we quizzed Chandni about her inspiration on curating at exhibitions she said, “Through my shows I learnt that everyone should be provided a chance to portray their work the way they want and this is how you share your work with everyone and grow. It’s all about your art and that’s what I love to do as I’m an art lover myself.
I welcome you all to the Meraki family.”

We are very greatful to Ms. Chandni for this opportunity and wish her and her brand the very best for their future endeavours.


  1. Wishing Chandni alll the very best for a bright future and may she always climb the ladder of success with blessings from her family and well wishers.

  2. All the very best to u chandani..I saw lovely piks of aunty on ur Facebook account..I am happy that u are doing well and do very well in ur future endeavors and make ur grandmother happy..she will indeed be proud of u.

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