Amazon Prime Video introduces user profiles

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has finally introduced user profiles for Amazon Prime Video subscribers. Users can create designated profiles on Amazon’s video streaming service. Each profile will be personalised with designated recommendations, watchlists, watch history and season progress.

Prime Video goes a step ahead of Netflix by letting subscribers create up to six profiles (one primary and five others) as compared to Netflix’s five. Prime also lets subscribers create a profile designated as ‘kids’ with curated recommendations. Users can also use the default ‘Kids’ profile. New profiles, except the primary account profile, can be modified or deleted. Each profile has a designated coloured avatar, which cannot be changed as of now.

With this new feature, family members need not buy new memberships. The annual subscription for Prime in India is 999.

How it works

For the website, users can create the profile from the ‘Profile Picker’ option on Prime’s home page. They simply need to click ‘Add new’ to create a new profile. Profiles can be managed using the ‘Manage profile’ option, where users can edit or remove profiles accordingly. The ‘Profile Picker’ option is available for Fire TV as well.

On the iOS and Android app, subscribers can click on the ‘My Stuff’ tab at the bottom right of the app and click on the ‘+’ iconto create a new profile.

For now, the service is limited to select countries. It is available for users in India across select devices, including Android and iOS, Fire tablets, Prime Video app on Fire TV, Chromecast, and select Apple TVs, and web browsers. Fire TV provides the option for profiles only in India.

Prime Video profiles are not available on the Fire TV home screen, Alexa devices with a screen, Fire Gen 9 or below tablets, and other living room devices for now.


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