About us

MaharashtraRepublic is first and the only, one of its kind, online news & information portal for Maharashtra, attracting over 20,000 readers each month.

From interesting news stories to upcoming events and from general city information to a special magazine section, MaharashtraRepublic great things that relate to everyone residing in this city.

The Mind Behind MaharashtraRepublic

Many people get surprised to know that everything… starting from the concept behind Maharashtrarepublic, its web design, web development, content writing, content editing, clicking photographs, overall website management, marketing and the social media is being handled by just one person i.e. Mohit Churiwal.

He says, “Feeling proud & happy about the achievements so far, I wish to take maharashtrarepublic.com to absolute new heights” Click below to know more about him.

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How MaharashtraRepublic Started?

It was way back in September 2019, when the domain name MaharashtraRepublic.com was registered but it took shape as a news site of Maharashtra in October, 2019. Just within 2 months of its launch, it got popular among city residents as a trusted and authentic news website covering maharashtra and surrounding areas.

MaharashtraRepublic.com grew a step further in year 2020 when Mohit churiwal decided to cover the news from its 3 neighbouring states. Today,MaharashtraRepublic gets over 20,000 page views per month.

Mohit Churiwal has always insisted on the fact that MaharashtraRepublic.com is nothing without the support of Maharashtra  people. You may send your suggestions/complaints to him at: maharashtrarepublic@gmail.com